Spraying Or Replacing Your uPVC Windows In Your Home

When you replace the windows and doors in your home, one of the most affordable options you have available is selecting uPVC for the job. It is usually one of the cheapest options available, and you can get them in various colours, and they are also low maintenance. However, one drawback with this material for doors and windows is that the colour can fade after only a couple of years, which is not covered under your warranty. When this happens, you have three choices available, live with tatty looking windows, replace them at great expense, or choose to spray them instead.

Replacing Your Windows & Doors

As mentioned above, replacing your windows and doors can be expensive, and if there is nothing up with the frames or windowpanes, it is not something you want to do. There is also the hassle of having the work done, and it means you will have workers traipsing in and out of your home while they do the job. If it is raining outside, it can cause a great deal of mess in your home, and it also means someone needs to be there while the work is being done. However, a suitable alternative is available and can achieve the same effect, but for a fraction of the price.

Spraying Your Windows & Doors

You can make a considerable saving when you decide on uPVC window spraying instead of replacing them, and it is also a much easier task to do. You can save around 80% of the cost of replacing the windows in your home when you choose to paint them and achieve a high-quality finish that will make them look new. You will also find that there is much less disruption to your home as the workers doing the job will not require access to the inside of your home. All the work is done outside, and a skilled team can do your house quickly. A professional uPVC window sprayer can clean, prepare, and paint the window frame in a couple of hours, giving each a couple of coats of paint. You can find that a two-person team can complete the task of spraying your window frames in a day or two, and there is much less disruption to your home.

A Cheaper Alternative

If you do not have the fund available to have a professional paint your windows and doors for you, you can try this task yourself, and it requires some basic DIY skills. As with most jobs like this, preparation is vital, and it will make the job much easier for you to do. You will need to do plenty of research on how to do the job correctly, but there is plenty of free information online using platforms such as YouTube. You will need to take your time to achieve an excellent finish for your windows, so it may take some time to do. However, you can make a significant saving on the cost of bringing your windows up to scratch and learn a new skill in the process.