Different Cosmetic Treatments To Help You Look Years Younger

When you are not willing to give in to father time, and you want to preserve your youthful looks and banish those wrinkles, there are various procedures you can try. Bangkok has many reputable clinics you can visit that offer multiple treatments that can help take the years off and make you look much younger. You can consider using under-eye filler or dermabrasion and plenty of other procedures you can have that can make you look and feel younger. Below are some treatments you can consider having to get rid of those wrinkles and wipe off years from how old you look.

Laser Resurfacing

A popular treatment is laser resurfacing, and the laser will remove the top dermal layer and help promote new collagen fibres to grow, keeping the skin firm and tight and wrinkle-free. The treatment is not suitable for excessive sagging skin, but it has excellent results for fine lines and wrinkles that form as we age.


Dermabrasion is a procedure that uses a rotating brush to sand down the skin and makes a smooth surface. The idea is that the skin growing back is smoother and tighter and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. After the procedure, it will leave your skin looking red, and you will often need multiple treatments to achieve the best results.

Soft Tissue Fillers

You can also consider having soft tissue fillers, including hyaluronic acid, fat, and collagen, which are injected into the affected area to help smooth out wrinkles. You can sometimes experience bruising, redness and swelling in the area you treat, and it is a temporary fix, so it will need to be repeated to maintain your appearance.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is another popular procedure that can help you look younger and remove the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The chemicals will remove the top layers of skin, and depending on the depth of the wrinkles, and you will often require several treatments to achieve the desired results. However, this procedure can cause scarring and redness and change the skin’s colour slightly, and it is not suitable for everyone.


A facelift is another common treatment to try and help you hide the passage of time by removing lines and wrinkles on your face. The effects of the procedure can last for a couple of years, but they are not permanent, so that you may need another facelift after a couple of years.