A Handy List of Business Japanese Vocabulary You Have Been Searching For

If you have got a job in a Japanese company, a thought will constantly haunt you about not knowing the basic or business Japanese words to interact with the people around you. No matter what the case is, learning business Japanese is a good tool to have as a communication skill. Also, it shows that you are trying to be adaptable in the office to your colleagues. This article lists some of the basic business Japanese vocabulary for you. Read on.

Greetings and Goodbye

  1. おはようございます。

It means good morning. You can also use 早いです (はやいです) for ‘You are early.’

  1. よろしくお願いします (よろしくおねがいします)。

This versatile phrase can be used for saying ‘Nice to meet you!’ or ‘I need a favor’

  1. お先に失礼します (おさきにしつれいします)。

This means ‘I will excuse you in advance ( I am obsessionally grateful).’

  1. お疲れ様です (おつかれさまです)。

This means, ‘Thank you for your hard work.’


  1. 名刺 (めいし) — business card
  2. はんこ/印鑑 (いんかん) — personal seal or stamp
  3. 書類 (しょるい) — document
  4. 電話 (でんわ) — telephone
  5. コンピューター (こんぴゅーたー) — computer
  6. プリンター (ぷりんたー) — printer
  7. コピー機 (こぴーき) — photocopier
  8. ファックス (ふぁっくす) — fax machine

Events and Concepts

  1. 面接 (めんせつ) — interview
  2. 会議 (かいぎ) — meeting
  3. 通勤ラッシュ (つうきんらっしゅ) — commuter rush
  4. 残業 (ざんぎょう) — overtime
  5. 給料 (きゅうりょう) — salary