One Day On Earth


Documenting our our lives, interconnected and often overlapping due to the English language is an awe-inspiring task. SCEL students are encouraged to take in cultures from all around the world. #studyHUMANITY #SHAREourEARTH #LOVEculture


Why English in the USA?

Spokane College of English Language, or SCEL, is a place for students who want to learn the English language using the most effective, efficient, methods available.

There has been a fundamental element missing in education the last 40 years. Online learning is not effective enough, and teacher-led learning can be improved upon greatly by harnessing advanced technology. SCEL’s blended classroom is the most modern advanced approach to improving education forever. You learn effectively, efficiently, and graduate with a sense of being included in the Education revolution.

With Heartfelt Condolences

With heartfelt condolences, we are so sorry to hear about the three attacks that took a place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yesterday. Our prayers go to those who lost their lives in these attacks.
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
بقلوب يملؤها الحزن والاسئ والالم نتقدم بخالص العزاء والمواساة للمملكة العربية السعودية بوفاة عدد من

The Fasting Month

Ramadan is the fasting month where our Muslim students fast from the sunrise to sunset for 30 days. Throughout this month our students will pray ,feed poor people ,and have more social gathering. After these 30 days, they will celebrate the ending of Ramadan for three consecutive days.  CCEL and SCEL  wish them all the best and will support them throughout. Ramadan Mubarak everyone.