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Documenting our our lives, interconnected and often overlapping due to the English language is an awe-inspiring task. SCEL students are encouraged to take in cultures from all around the world. #studyHUMANITY #SHAREourEARTH #LOVEculture


Earth Day Spokane! April 22nd and 23rd, Riverfront Park Pavilion

Earth Day Spokane

Spokane’s Fifth Annual EarthDay festival will happen April 22nd and 23rd in the Riverfront Park pavilion and Central Meadow! This is an event that celebrates the diversity in our community and our planet.  This year’s festival will be double the size as previous years.

Earth Day Spokane, 2017, promises the best of our community’s art and culture showcased between two stages!

The first-ever Earth Night will feature concerts held in a duo of dome structures, with live artists, dancers, and aerial performers! Both domes will have a fully projected visual experience, and music from sundown until the local noise ordinance takes effect (10PM). While Earth Day is free, Earth Night tickets bought in advance are $15


April 22 / Earth Day / 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
April 22 / Earth Night / 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
April 23 / Earth Day / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Spokane’s 50-hour Film Slam! May 6th @ the Bing!

50 Hour Slam: A Time Based Filmmaking Competition & Festival in Spokane, Washington

New and emerging, as well as veteran film makers in Spokane are challenged to create a 3 to 6 minute film within a time limit of 50 hours. Currently, filmmakers know just one rule– at some point in the film, there must be a penny.  Check out the results on May 6th at the historic Bing Theater.

Last year’s festival produced some memorable short films on the subject of dance, requiring the line of dialogue “Have you ever been to a farm? …It’s not for everyone.” and shots of famous Spokane landmarks.  You can see last year’s winners and buy tickets on the 50 Hour Slam website found here: