Explore Washington… In English!

Check out these “15 Places to See in Washington before You Die” and notice that Spokane’s own Duncan Gardens is on the list.  These geometrical gardens are a treat for you eyes and nose as the design and fragrance are pleasing to the senses on one of our many beautiful summer days.  There are many more spots in our area that are breathtakingly beautiful, be sure to ask for a recommendation for a day trip while you study in Spokane.

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SCEL Presents: Fish of the Inland Northwest

Bryan Witte is a graduate student studying Fisheries Management at Eastern Washington University. SCEL Presents will feature his presentation “Fishes of Eastern Washington: Description and Ecology.” This talk will focus on the types of fish present in Eastern Washington (both native and nonnative species) as well as how these fish make a living in our waterways.

Tuesday, February 28, 11:30AM at the Spokane College of English Language


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