SCEL Presents: Fair Housing Alliance

Today SCEL’s guest speakers are Alfredo Llamedo and Holly Timmerman, Bilingual Fair Housing Specialists. Today they will talk about how the Northwest Fair Housing Alliance aims to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity for the people of Washington State through education, counseling and advocacy.


One Day On Earth


Documenting our our lives, interconnected and often overlapping due to the English language is an awe-inspiring task. SCEL students are encouraged to take in cultures from all around the world. #studyHUMANITY #SHAREourEARTH #LOVEculture


Oh Yeah! It’s Record Store Day, Saturday April 22nd

Stop by 4,000 Holes to buy some records/CDs/Tapes/Memorabilia, hear live bands play and get some free stuff (picture below) on Record Store Day 2017.  The store opens at 9am and can be found here.  4,000 Holes has been operating in Spokane for nearly 30 years and holds a firm place in the heart of music makers and music lovers of the Inland Northwest.  For details and questions, call (509) 325-1914

Spokane: Vietnamese Heritage Day

Join the cultural festival:

“Presented by the Vietnamese American Senior Association of Spokane. This event (called Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương in Vietnamese) is an expression of gratitude to Vietnam’s Founding Fathers, the Hung Vuong Kings who established Vietnam, which has had its distinctive ancient civilization in Southeast Asia since more than 5,000 years ago. Vietnamese Heritage Day is part of the effort to continue Vietnamese cultural traditions in America for Vietnamese refugees and immigrants, foster solidarity among Asian-American and Pacific Islanders and extend a comfortable friendship within the local communities in the Spokane area. In addition, on April 21 at 11 a.m., the flag salute for the Vietnamese freedom flag flying will take place in front of City Hall. For more information, please contact Mary Nguyen, VASAS secretary by emailing”

When: 2-4:30 p.m.

Where:Service Station, 9315 N. Nevada St., Spokane, WA

Phone:(509) 466-1696

Get Lit!

During Get Lit!, Spokane’s annual literary festival, you can meet famous authors, go to a workshop and even attend a poetry slam.  The Get lit! Festival is now in its 19th year, and serves as one of one of our teachers’ favorite events.  Students will enjoy the festivities as well!  The festival has events every day from April 17-30, 2017.  For a full list of events and venues, click here!  More information can be found on the Get Lit! website.

Why English in the USA?

Spokane College of English Language, or SCEL, is a place for students who want to learn the English language using the most effective, efficient, methods available.

There has been a fundamental element missing in education the last 40 years. Online learning is not effective enough, and teacher-led learning can be improved upon greatly by harnessing advanced technology. SCEL’s blended classroom is the most modern advanced approach to improving education forever. You learn effectively, efficiently, and graduate with a sense of being included in the Education revolution.

Watch basketball at the Garland Theater for free!

Watch the Bulldogs Play the West Virginia Mountaineers on the Big Screen!

The Garland Theater, Spokane’s favorite discount movie theater, is showing this live NCAA basketball game for free.  The Gonzaga Bulldogs have only lost one game this year, and many people feel they are on their way to becoming national champions.  Get caught up in the excitement and join the crowd in cheering on the hometown team!

Cost? Free!

Where? The Garland Theater

When? Today, Thursday March 23rd at 4:40PM.  Get there early to make sure you get a good seat!