2 DAYS LEFT! Wet Hot American Summer Photo Contest: Enter Now!


Photo Contest: Wet Hot American Summer Photo Contest. For this photo contest, please take a picture of something that shows American culture. The winner will win baseball tickets to a Spokane Indians game. Please send you photos to Ben. Ben.whitmore@usa-english.com. Contest ends June 16th. Good luck!

Adult Hip Hop Dance Class


Learn about hip hop dance culture from Bboy Classic of the Paper Cutout Crew. This class focuses on using hip hop in a positive way. Peace, love and having fun! In this class, you’ll study many different styles, breaking, popping, locking, house and more.

Sunday: Bloomsday Viewing


Sunday, May 1st is Bloomsday! Justin has been kind enough to invite everyone to his place to watch the race. He lives at 2510 W. Broadway, and Bloomsday is going on right in front of his house!  If you would like to come watch the race, cheer the runners on, spray the hose, listen to the oldies cover band play across the street, etc, please feel welcome- families too.
The race starts at 9am, so just before 10am would be a great time to get there.  Keep in mind that the streets are a complete mess (buses may not be running their normal routes) and so planning enough time to take an alternative route is highly advised.  

Bloomsday Registration


There is a huge festival called Bloomsday in Spokane coming up soon! If you want to run the race, register NOW! The first registration fee is $20 before April 17th. The second registration fee is $39 before April 24th. The website is… https://www.bloomsdayrun.org/registration/register-online

Bloomsday Registration

  • Happening Date and Time : May 1st
  • 1st registration Fee and Date : 18+1.99 = 19.99($20) before April 17th
  • 2nd registration Fee and Date : $35 + 3.89 = 38.89 ($39) before April 24th