By Maya Aoi
I’m going to write about Kyoto.

I lived in Kyoto for 4 years when I went to the university. Kyoto has a lot of Japanese buildings and Japanese food.

When I lived Kyoto, I went to many temples. The cherry blossoms and autumn colored leaves were in season and there were many tourists everywhere in Japan. These temples have a long Japanese history. I was excited in the temple when I went there. They have beautiful scenery.

Second, I drank powdered green tea. I hated powdered green tea before I went to Kyoto because it tastes bitter. But now I feel that it’s delicious bitter. I recommend food to make of powdered green tea. It can feel like more healthy food than other food.
Overall, Kyoto has many temples and Japanese style food.

Lionel Messi

By Naway Alselmy

Leionel Messi was born in June 24, 1987. He plays soccer in FC Barcelona is started playing in 2000. On February 27th, Messi played in his 100th official match with Barcelona.

For the 2010 World Cup, Messi wore the number 10 shirt for the first time in a major tournament. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 Messi was named the best player in the world.

Let’s Stop Violence Against Children in Uganda

By Bujlkham Batmunkh

Today I wanted to share about Joseph Kony who is Ugandan guerrilla group leader and also he is head of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). Directed by Kony, the LRA fights against the people of several countries, including northern Uganda. They have abducted and forced approximately 66,000 children to fight for them and it began in 1986 which means at least 2.1 million people have been  displaced. Kony forces children to kill their family or he will kill that child. The LRA is encouraged to rape, mutilate, and kill civilians and often with blunt weapons. Moreover as you can see he is known as the world’s worst war criminal.

Let's stop Kony in 2012

So, my point of introducing him is that we have to stop him in 2012 or he will abduct more children from their parents and suffer for their entire life. There are some guys called Jason, Laren, and Boddy who started out as a film-making adventure in Africa. They produced the documentary Invisible Children. So they wanted to show people, then they started with their parents and people whom they know, but it was not enough to stop Kony. Despite their failure, they kept fighting and today in 2012, they’ve been working since 2005. They are successful and they met with celebrities, even with many congressman. So millions of people started to help and watch what they documented. Those people are from all over the world. I thought that this would be great idea to join them help for them to stop that bad person who made those little kids suffer. You can see about Kony all over the Facebook. I wanted to show you this video. So here are their official web pages and the video.


Harp Seals are in Danger!

By Gabriela Viscarret

The beautiful harp seal is in danger of losing important habitat


The climate changing not only affects us humans, but also can affect marine animals. Harp seals are in trouble and are getting less and less space to live in. “Researchers from Duke University in the US explain that sea ice in the seals’ breeding grounds has shrunk by about 6% per decade over the last 30 years and that thanks to those changes many broods  have died” (BBC). However, this species is abundant but the big problem is how these animals are going to face the climate changing. “The most important breeding region lies along the Gulf of St Lawrence on Canada’s eastern coast, extending northwards along the Front, a region off Newfoundland.” A report from the Canadian government explains that mortality of this animal has been “extremely high” in the southern gulf because of very poor ice conditions.  The climate of the sub-Arctic is warming up, and the harp seals could move north. However, this could bring contact with polar bears, the Arctic’s top predator and that’s very dangerous for to the seals. As you can see, the future of the harp seals is in trouble.  “If we want these animals to persist, we’re ahead in understanding how climate might affect their population – and it’s very rare to have that opportunity.” I think that humans must be aware and take care of our planet because we are destroying it and affecting all living species that exist on planet earth.

Yuka reviews a classic movie!

Movie Review : What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

By Yuka Ono

Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are the stars of the film

This movie stars Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio and was released in 1993. This is one of my favorite movies. Have you ever seen this movie before? Johnny Depp performs the part of Gilbert Grape. He is a really devoted person. Leonardo DiCaprio performs the part of his younger brother, Arnie, who is mentally handicapped. At first, they meet a girl, Becky, in a grocery store. Gilbert works at this store, and at that time, the girl buys a lot of stuff. She has no way to go back to her home because her groceries are so heavy, so Gilbert takes her to home with her stuff.

Gilbert and Becky (Juliette Lewis)

Their friendly relationship starts from this time. She knows about Gilbert’s brother’s problem, but she accepts it. They meet everyday though Gilbert has a girlfriend, Betty, who is another guy’s wife. Gilbert and his girlfriend’s relationship is done after she kills her husband. She wants to keep her relationship with Gilbert. The townspeople suspect her, so she has no choice but to leave this town to start a new life. Gilbert is the only one who believes that Betty didn’t commit the murder.

When Becky, Gilbert and Arnie are going to bake a cake for Arnie’s birthday, Becky tries to cheer Gilbert up. Gilbert and Becky are talking deeply, but Gilbert realizes that Arnie is not there. They look for Arnie. They find him on top of the tower. Someone had called the police, so he is okay.

Later at home, Arnie eats some of his birthday cake even though Gilbert says “don’t touch the cake”. Gilbert loses his temper because of Arnie’s bad action, but also because Gilbert has many troubles on his own. Gilbert takes Arnie to the bath as a punishment, and he behaves violently. Suddenly, he becomes conscious of this situation, and drives away. Arnie has a traumatic response to the water. After Gilbert comes back home, Arnie couldn’t take a bath. One day, Arnie leaves the house to find Becky who takes care of him because Gilbert tried to take him to the bathroom. Gilbert looks for him and, he sees that Arnie was in the lake with Becky. Gilbert and Becky talk about his fear. Becky tells Gilbert that she has to leave town. The next day, Gilbert comes back home during Arnie’s birthday party, and he apologizes to Arnie.

I recommend that you guys watch this movie. I will not tell you what will happen next, and what will happen to their love. This is a story about Gilbert’s harsh life with Arnie. There is a lot of love and many troubles. By watching this, I have learned how to love people and how to get strengths to overcome difficulties. Hopefully, everyone can get deep emotion from this movie.

Some of the deep emotion in the movie.