Explore Washington… In English!

Check out these “15 Places to See in Washington before You Die” and notice that Spokane’s own Duncan Gardens is on the list.  These geometrical gardens are a treat for you eyes and nose as the design and fragrance are pleasing to the senses on one of our many beautiful summer days.  There are many more spots in our area that are breathtakingly beautiful, be sure to ask for a recommendation for a day trip while you study in Spokane.

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Know Your Rights

The USA is a wonderful place to study, explore and live. One aspect of American culture is our love of independence and the rights respected by our government and law enforcement.  While the chances are that you will never have any problems, it is fascinating to read and know the rights afforded to people living in the USA.

Here is a link to the flier featured above.

Here is a link to frequently asked questions on encounters with law enforcement in the airports and other ports of entry in the USA.

Winter Weather Advisory- What’s it mean? What is there to do when it snows?

Winter Weather Advisory:

“The National Weather Service in Spokane has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Snow…Which is in effect until 4 AM PST Saturday:  Snow accumulations…Around an inch this afternoon. 1 to 3 inches overnight. Higher amounts closer to the Coeur D’alene area.”  So, be extremely careful if you are on the roads.  If you do not have snow tires on your car, you should probably not drive.  However, there are a lot of fun things to do in the snow, like…

Please remember to stay safe, especially around cars.  The roads will get slippery and cars will not always stop as they may intend.


For Foodies, Spokane is the Capital of the Northwest.

Spokane boasts many culinary delights for our visitors.  From fine dining and international food to late-night snacks, we have the best of the best at affordable prices.  Most restaurants do not have a wait-list, but reservations are a good idea.

Our teachers’ favorites are Italian Kitchen, Bangkok Thai, Little Garden Cafe, Red Dragon Chinese and Churchill’s Steak House, but you can see a write up of some other tasty restaurants in this article from the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-d-escape-spokane-20160410-story.html


SCEL Pathway to North Idaho College



Students who complete ENG 130 at the Spokane College of English Language have direct entrance into North Idaho College without having to write a TOEFL or IELTS exam.

Located about 30 minutes from the campus of Spokane College of English Language, North Idaho College meets the diverse educational needs of students, employers, and the northern Idaho communities it serves through a commitment to student success, educational excellence, community engagement, and lifelong learning.

Ask us more about North Idaho College

Sunday: Bloomsday Viewing


Sunday, May 1st is Bloomsday! Justin has been kind enough to invite everyone to his place to watch the race. He lives at 2510 W. Broadway, and Bloomsday is going on right in front of his house!  If you would like to come watch the race, cheer the runners on, spray the hose, listen to the oldies cover band play across the street, etc, please feel welcome- families too.
The race starts at 9am, so just before 10am would be a great time to get there.  Keep in mind that the streets are a complete mess (buses may not be running their normal routes) and so planning enough time to take an alternative route is highly advised.